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Our studio offers training in a vast number of dance styles and skills, in addition to growing personal fitness services. The company was founded in 2014 by Angel Criado and his wife, Cree. Angel Criado has been a dance professional for over 30 years, and trained by some of the best the country has to offer. Cree Criado had excellent experience in not only many popular forms of dance, but also, early childhood developement, administrative and managerial processes - making this team extremely cohesive and successful in their service offerings.

The studio was founded initially in Lakewood, Ohio, as a ballroom and social dance school. In that, the studio received many awards and accolades (see Awards, Accolades & Certifications article) for outstanding service and high level students. It was founded on the premise of offering a much more transparent and honest system of business, rejecting the more off-putting aspects of the dance industry in terms of sales pressure and drama. This methodology was well received by clients. Since then, Rhythm & Grace has expanded into other forms of dance, primarily for children. Now, the studio's service offerings include lessons in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Pointe, Lyrical, Modern, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Acro/Tumbling. Of important note are the individual certifications some of our teachers have in early childhood development and First Aid - which is not common in other studios delivering similar service.

Currently, Rhythm & Grace resides in two suites/studios at 7647 Broadview Rd., in Seven Hills, Ohio. The rear studio is dedicated to social, partnership and competitive dance, while the front suite focuses on the remaining forms of dance.

The teachers of Rhythm & Grace are extremely qualified in the dance forms they teach.

For adults taking partnership dance classes, their teacher (Angel Criado) has been a dance teacher for over 30 years and can work with students of any age and level.

For those interested in our services for their children, in addition to our highly recommended staff, here are some important bullet points that make us stand out amongst other studios:

  • Our studio owner (Cree Criado) has worked with kids on an educational level for over 10 years and was a pre-school teacher with an extensive amount of early childhood development hours logged.
  • Our primary Taps & Twirls™ teacher (Ms. Cheryl) is a current registered teacher in a neighboring school district and works with main stream and special needs children.
  • Amongst our instructors, we hold certifications in everything from childhood nutrition to children's health and safety to the basic necessities of infant and child First Aid and CPR and communicable disease.
  • We are trained to handle a child's every behavioral up and down and we have a bag full of tricks to keep everything running as smoothly as possible.
  • We have over 30 years of childhood education between us, and that number grows every year!

Please come on in and see for yourself what we are about, and remember...

"Dancers are made with Rhythm & Grace!™"


Teachers & Staff of Dance

Cree Criado Owner, Teacher

Ms. Cheryl Teacher

Caleb Waybright, Teacher


Teachers & Staff of Social & Partnership Dance

Angel Criado, Owner & Teacher

Cree Criado, Owner & Teacher

Caleb Waybright, Teacher

Avelino Davilla, Pura Salsa Teacher


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