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Avelino Davilla

Avelino Davilla

Hailing from New York City, Avelino “Nino” Davila is of Puerto Rican decent and instead its blood – Puerto Rico’s music is what runs through his veins!  Not only did Avelino grow up in a house where music and dancing were staples, but he grew up seeing the evolution of “on 1 dancing” and he was there, in the clubs and streets, contributing to the salsa style we see danced today.

At 17 years old, Avelino became interested in the latin dances, more specifically, mambo and salsa, and he began absorbing every bit of knowledge that he could through his parents, social dances, and out in the New York City clubs. Avelino has studied under Adolpho Indacochea, Eddie Torres, Eddie Torries Jr., Melissa Rosado, Griselle Ponce and he has taken classes at the Lorenz Latin Dance Studio in the Bronx as well as at Balmir Latin Dance Studio. He continues to advance and broaden his skills through workshops and instruction from a variety of highly sought-after dancers.

Through the years, Avelino has become a well-known and very respected salsa dancer in Ohio and he has taught in various resteraunts and lounges in the Cleveland area such as Sunset Lounge, The View, La Boca, Fortress, Tomo Restaurant, Nazca Restaurant, Europa and more. Avelino has choreographed and performed at the Cleveland Puerto Rican Festival, the Gordon Square Summer Festival, Akron Civic Theatre, and many local studio events. He has performed at many cultural festivals and enjoys sharing the true roots and style of the Latin dances.

Since moving to Cleveland, Avelino has developed “Pura Salsa” (https://www.facebook.com/PuraSalsaCleveland) which is a group committed to the cultural art of salsa/mambo and to the people that love to dance it. Under Pura Salsa, Avelino hosts a yearly dance event called Once Upon the Palladium where he hires and brings in out of state talent to teach workshops and to put on a show.  This event is hosted annually, usually the second Saturday in August, and is Northeast Ohio’s biggest dance event solely devoted to keeping the history and authenticity of salsa/mambo dancing alive!



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