Teachers and Staff of Dance

Ms. Cheryl

Ms. Cheryl

Ms. Cheryl Lynn Shavel has been a studio owner and instructor of dance for 30 years. From her early years to the present, she has taught ballet, hip hop, jazz and tap. Ms. Cheryl has studied at the Beck Center and School of Cleveland Ballet. She is a member at large of the Cecchetti Council of America and taught at the Cleveland Music School Settlement. Cheryl encourages each student to stretch their artistic and dance potential in a friendly, positive and fun learning environment.



Teachers & Staff of Dance

Cree Criado Owner, Teacher

Ms. Cheryl Teacher

Caleb Waybright, Teacher


Teachers & Staff of Social & Partnership Dance

Angel Criado, Owner & Teacher

Cree Criado, Owner & Teacher

Caleb Waybright, Teacher

Avelino Davilla, Pura Salsa Teacher