Ballroom dance instruction has a long, traditional history of organizing levels of skill, complexity and accomplishment in dancing, likening it to the awards structure one finds in sports, a la the Olympics. This is observed to be particular to the American style, however, the International style is sometimes referred to with medals as well. The following is a list of the various medal awards a student can accomplish...

Your special day is coming up! Commemorate that "once in a lifetime" event by making your wedding dance something you will want to see again with each anniversary, year after year after year!

Rhythm & Grace has extensive (really extensive) experience preparing the groom and bride-to-be (and wedding party, if you so choose) make the dance one to remember and several affordable wedding packages that will suit anyone's needs!

Ballroom and social dance studios offer several different services for various demands and/or needs, and demystifying what those lessons or services are can help you, as a new student, get the best value from any dance studio's offers (and gain insight on what we do at our studio). The following are the general services offered in this industry for new students...

Rhythm & Grace's New Student (Introductory) Program is simply a taste and orientation to the possibilities that enhancing one's life through dancing can bring. It is a tailor-made approach to determining your goals or desires and working towards attaining them. After a brief interview to identify what you are hoping to get from our experience, we will promptly begin addressing them with the end product in mind.

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August 9th, 17 - Last lessons in Lakewood, OH. Bye bye...

August 10th, 17 - Ballroom Studio closes in Lakewood, opens in Seven Hills. Ballroom Lessons start in Seven Hills

August 11, 17 - Open House at Seven Hills location

Sept. 21st-23rd, 17 - Cleveland Dancesport Challenge

Sept. 28th, 17 - Coaching with Ray Rivers


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