Rhythm & GraceAs you can see, the site has been updated!

The reason for updating this once again is due to my dance studio opening up in Uptown Lakewood, and I wanted a better internet experience to reflect the business opening.

One thing that I do, that I have yet to see any dance studio utilize, is integrating my site to my students' study experience. I have an entire section of my site devoted to enrolled students that they can use to access lesson information, skills they can work on from home or on-the-go, and be able to refer to their choreography and notes, as well as soon be able to track their progress on our medalist system.

But I've also made it easy for new people to find out more about my school and get started.

The site framework I chose is very easy to customize and you will be seeing further developments as the site progresses.

In the meantime, I am open to suggestions that you feel might improve the experience further, so feel free to contact me and let me know about this.

Looking forward to a great year!


Upcoming Events

Now - Fall/Winter/Spring Session enrollment starts - Call for Info

August 9th, 17 - Last lessons in Lakewood, OH. Bye bye...

August 10th, 17 - Ballroom Studio closes in Lakewood, opens in Seven Hills. Ballroom Lessons start in Seven Hills

August 11, 17 - Open House at Seven Hills location

Sept. 21st-23rd, 17 - Cleveland Dancesport Challenge

Sept. 28th, 17 - Coaching with Ray Rivers


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