Today, I had, and will have, the opportunities to work with Taliat Tarsinov in follow-up to some choreography he'd done for her and I. This particular student is already a beautiful dancer and we have a very strong partnership. However, he was able to help me see aspects of development for my student that I, being in the dance with her, don't get the opportunity to see. Regardless of whether I could have spotted it or not, the fact of someone evaluating the dance from an external view gave the student a whole new dimension she could work in. Often times, we as teachers miss the potential our own students can aspire to. A coach can help you see it again, and can rekindle the drive for excellence for both of you.


So, an immediate value was simply the viewpoint they share with you.

Mind you, the viewpoint happens to be a very knowledgable viewpoint from a champion - thus another added value. Here, contribution was made as to how he might approach a specific piece of choreography, what it was based on or how it would be most effectively executed. Wonder of wonders (not really), it made a lot of sense and made it easier to remember, execute and feel. It became a part of the movement versus just another set of complex actions. It began to have meaning, a sense of communication, a message. In this dance, she and I were able to go beyond just a step and started striving for more potential and artistic expression because we could get our heads wrapped around what we were doing.

Another quite subtle step taken as a result of the lesson with Taliat, was confidence. Not necessarily in confidence of the movement, of the routine - we are beyond this now. This student has done many performances and win several championships. It was confidence in her expression, or rather, being more willing to express an emotion through the movement - literally, a whole other layer above the movement to give it meaning. She became more able to express herself through her inherent motion. It was beautiful to see.

There are many rewards to working with a coach. I am sure if you have had the experience, you can name many I just haven't mentioned. Being of an aesthetic mind, I get such satisfaction seeing my student develop into the dancer she has become - to see the natural beauty and skill she has developed through her studies with me. I am quite fortunate to experience this journey with her.

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