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Hi All,
In Ohio, Gov. DeWine declared a state of Emergency, which lead to our state’s Director of Health to issue a Director’s Order dated 21 March 2020, in which she ordered closed all dance studios and any location that provides dance lessons to adults or children in a group setting or one on one. This same approach is rolling out across the US and world as I write this. The order remains in effect until the Governor either ends the state of Emergency or the Health Department reminds or modifies the order.
I hope for those who can work from home, all is well and you’re healthy. I hope that those of you who are medical professionals, you are safe and cared for as well, as you help and care for others. For those of us that we effectively shut down - I definitely can relate and hope your optimism hasn’t lapsed on getting through this.
I thought I should update you that A) we’re still here, B) we plan to keep being here, and C) keep you posted. 
As for us; Cree, Nilsa (our daughter) and I are well. If I hadn’t told you, we added a new addition to the family. A 195 lb. Great Dane we have named Gojira (after the Japanese spelling of “Godzilla” because this dog is huge)! You will have to ask Cree about how we got him. It’s a great story. In a string of events that really makes you wonder about there being a plan in the Universe, within a few days, we lost one of our mini-doxies (Fred Astaire) to what our vet tells us was a brain-tumor that rapidly became fatal in 24 hours. Despite still mourning his loss, I’ve tried to treat this past week as a stay-at-home vacation. I very likely will start some home renovation. Still, dancing and teaching are my life - so, this has been very frustrating.
On the studio side of things, Cree and I are mainly studying the lay of the land. We are some of the fortunate few to have a rainy day fund to carry us for a bit. It doesn’t help that we are not able to deliver our services during this time. So, I’ll be looking into the current SBA relief from the Federal Gov’t. Ohio seems mainly occupied with retail and restaurants, in addition to the supply chain and medical - and probably rightly so. It will be interesting to see what our state does with our service industry, which last I saw, was 70% of US business (I don’t know the sub-industries tabulated in this number).
Some of you have reached out regarding the posture development I’ve been doing with many of you, particularly those who are long term students or competitors. You’ve been noticing backaches or headaches that went away after a few months with me are coming back. My recommendation is practice your drills but be very mindful of the alignment of your hips, shoulders and ears. When stressed, it is extremely easy to drop your head out of alignment. Your thoracic spine will flex to support that (making your shoulders go behind your hips) and your hips will also go forward. This is where the back and headaches come from that you complained about.
If there is one major thing I learned in the 33 years I’ve been teaching that I’d like to share with you in closing - you’re not going to forget what you’ve learned. You might not retain it mentally, but physically, you’ll still have it. You are probably going to be very pleasantly surprised (when all this is said and done) how much more sense what I’m teaching you makes to you. 
Thank you for your support in the past and thank you for your support in the future. I know you’ll all be hitting your dancing like gang-busters once we get to the other side and we will be ready to run with that enthusiasm!
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