The Waltz Street Journal™

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Websites are a constantly ongoing update/upgrade proposition. Ours is no different.

Since growing from simply a partnership dance/dancesport studio to incorporate most other forms of dance (ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, etc.) our site has been in a regular state of flux and development. The difficulty for us was to work out incorporating all the various services we offer in a more workable and easy to navigate format. We think we have found our way in that and please feel free to offer any insight as to ease or difficulty you might have had using it.

New Features

To begin, our service offerings are no more front and center on our site, via our Programs link. Here one can see at a glance the various styles and forms we offer, and following the link of your interest, you will find more comprehensive information about our programs to serve that interest.

We have also begun a monthly newsletter to assist keeping people updated.

Speaking of "news" - we have also a new news section that includes older archive articles - so one can find a favorite article again when we archive the older news items for newer articles.

We hope that you will find our site now more enjoyable and easier to use.

Angel Criado