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We are officially into the planning phase of our 2017 Showcase, the Peace, Love & Party Ball!

What is a showcase, you might ask?

An annual or twice-annual event is typically held by a ballroom dance studio to essentially celebrate their staff and student body's love of social, competitive and show dancing. Amateur couples or students with their teachers perform a dance specially choreographed to a specific song, or as is the case at our event, with a group of students demonstrating their skill and proficiency for a particular dance or dances and their present skill level. At our event, we hire a highly qualified ballroom judge (trainer and coach) to offer input and guidance to our performers to help their teachers further guide their student's study in the right direction for their dance goals.

You can see examples of solo demonstrations and group dance events on our YouTube channel, here.

Why should I attend a showcase?

There is only so much you can become aware of regarding ballroom dancing. On shows like "Dancing with the Stars" you see only a brief moment of a dance that is specifically developed for TV ratings. You can see excepts of competitive and social dancing on YouTube or other video services. But nothing can broaden your understanding and knowledge than simply attending a showcase and seeing what there is to see. You can become inspired by people from all walks of life demonstrating their talent and skill, that they have worked so hard for. You would be amazed at those you might consider elderly, float across the floor and fire through a spicy Latin number; or a youth look so confident and mature performing with their teacher. And so it goes.

What benefit can I expect from participating in a showcase event?

Confidence, a feeling of accomplishment, fun, enjoyment, life changing, exiciting - there are all terms I have heard from my own students after performing at a showcase event. Which will it be for you?

How do I start?

Simply tell your teacher you are interested. The rest, as they say, is easy.

Hope to see you on the floor at Peace, Love & Party 2017!!!



Upcoming Events


March 23rd, 2019 - USA Dance Spring Fling (see teacher for details)

May 5th, 2019 - Showcase Event with Always Dancin' studio

June 23rd, 2019 - Children's Dance Recital (see Cree for details)

June 28th-30th, 2019 - Northcoast Ballroom Championships

July, 2019 - Children's Dance Open House (exact date to be announced)

August 10th, 2019 - Once Upon the Palladium workshops and dance (salsa dance event, see Nino for details)

September 3rd, 2019 - Dance Season for Children starts

September 26th-28th, 2019 - Cleveland Dancesport Challenge

October, 2019 - Rhythm & Grace 5 year anniversary party (date to be determined)

October, 2019 - Children's Halloween Party (date to be determined)

November 19th-24th, 2019 - Ohio Star Ball

December, 2019 - Seven Hills Christmas Show (Children's dance, date to be announced)


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