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On April 26th, 2015, Rhythm & Grace participated in a team match, hosted by Starz Ballroom.


The venue was located at Wagner's in Westlake, OH. It was a relatively chilly and sunny day, but so much better than the weather we have been experiencing the previous few months. The set up inside was very workable, and a decent size floor to dance on. On the minus, dancing all day on a wood floor laid over concrete is not as nice to dancer's bodies as the usual floating floors we are accustomed to, but you really can't knock that. The event was priced extremely reasonably.

We had gotten off to a bit of a late start. I had brought about 124 or so entries to this event between 2 of my competitive girls (Carmen and Debbie) and an amateur couple, (Ron and Debbie). The morning started with American Smooth, and off we went. Everyone did extremely well and it was a nice change from the heavy competition at the Michigan Dancesport Challenge earlier. The standard dances went on afterwards, but we were already feeling kind of hungry about lunch time. We were heading into the solo exhibition time period and there was really no immediate option for food - so, I ordered a pizza for us, which we ate ravenously.

The solo exhibitions took quite some time, but enjoyable enough. Unfortunately, one of my solos was forgotten and added to the end when I pointed it out. That left my student with dancing her exhibition then rapidly changing to dance in her Rhythm freestyles. As we went on into the evening, things went as well as could be expected however, because of some disorganization, many entries my students and I purchased were missed.

We ended with a Team Match where we joined forced with Alpha Dance Studio (from Highland Heights) against Starz and many independent instructors and after 6 dances, Alpha and Rhythm & Grace took home the trophy!!

It says something for the pure joy of dancing alone that my students and I had an enjoyable time regardless, and it also says something positive for the owner that despite the breakdown of organization, the event still proceeded and and turned out to be a pretty good time. Giving the organizer the benefit of the doubt, and pending how the status of my refund is resolved for the entries paid for but unable to be danced, we will likely support the event again. It was well needed floor time for my students and it was enjoyable to participate with all our local studios. 

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