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My competitive clients and I attended the 2017 Riverfront Dancesport Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio, this past weekend. It was a one-day affair, the 7th of January.

Our registration was a breeze and the students were treated to a seminar at 8PM with US American Style Champion, Nicole Carroll, which they enjoyed very much. Then off to our rooms to get ready for the following day.

In this one day event, both styles and all types of ballroom dance was represented. We began in the morning with Standard/Modern Ballroom, dancing Pro/Am with student, Linda McLoughlin, and later with student Carmen Hansford. Both ladies did great in their respective events! We then moved onto American Smooth, where Carmen was joined by Gail DeFrance - both girls again, placing well in their respective events. A short lunch, then onto International Latin where Mary Wank, Linda and Carmen showed their respective skills in a myriad of Latin dances including slow Rumba, Samba and Jive! Finally, American Rhythm was the final freestyle dance set of heats, and Gail returned to the floor with Carmen and Mambo'd themselves to great placements! A nice break to dinner, then everyone competed again in their scholarship events where the girls got some significant prize money - and, with that, we wrapped up our dancing for the evening.

But, there was somewhat more to the event. We were treated to the 1st act of our Professional show, beginning with some local couples and highlighted by Shane & Shannon Jenson, National & World Cabaret Champions. Somewhere between acts, awards were presented to the event's top students, teachers and studios. I am pleased to announce that Dr. Carmen Hansford took home the Top Student award for her level, and I placed 2nd out of 15 or 17 top teacher rankings, and our little ol' studio took home the Top Studio award, overall.

Our overall impression, it was a great one day event, and my students are looking forward to the next one.

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