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My studio recently competed in the only 50+ ballroom dance competition in the US, in Columbus, Ohio - the Arnold Sports Festival 50+ Dancesport competition. I found the event to be quite welcoming, and enjoyable to participate in. It is not a particularly expensive event, but interestingly it was also not "over attended" as many ballroom dance competitions can be. The organizers, Terry Cavanaugh and Mike Lorz were great hosts. The judges were relatively local but highly competent and knowledgeable, and joys to get to know.

In attendance with me this year were: Dr. Carmen Hansford, Ms. Debbie Olson, and Mrs. Linda McLoughlin; along with her husband, Bill, and my wife and daughter. We went primarily for the floor time - which benefited the girls enormously. They were also able to get some feedback from the various persons who judged them and in some cases, even work with a couple of the judges the following day. The comp started with my qualification for winning to 1st place Top Teacher pot challenged by a few competitors, however, I am blessed to have the students I do. The girls rallied and got me the points necessary to win 1st place!! (Tough girls who never let me down.) In all, a very enjoyable event and worth attending next year.