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Well, what was originally planned as a September 1st opening for our Ballroom dance studio in Seven Hills (moving our Lakewood location over to Seven Hills), has turned out to be an August 10th move!!! So, why so fast?

Our lease in our Lakewood location is up at the end of October, 2017. Presently, we are paying rent at two locations, in Lakewood and in Seven Hills. Simply, it makes the most business sense to allow the landlord to allow his new tenants to take over the remainder of our lease and take off some financial burden from us as we move ahead full steam on our new location. Yes, it is a little fast (not as fast as they originally wanted, but we are not going to lose credibility with our clients on an overnight move (I would question it)) - but we are much happier to move in good weather and present a complete face at our Open House on the 11th of August, than partially if I had to leave some of the studio at Lakewood until the 1st of September. 

That said, please wish us success and support and hope to see you at our Open House at 7647 Broadview Rd., Seven Hills, 44131!!

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