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On August 11th, 2017 the Mayor of Seven Hills officially welcomed Rhythm & Grace Dance Studios to his fine city.

Located at 7647 Broadview Rd., Rhythm & Grace literally has a campus of 2 suites and 4 dance floors to serve all age groups and many forms of dance. The front-facing suite will offer ballroom, latin, salsa, social and competitive forms of Ballroom dance, offered by a top ballroom teacher and another of the finest salsa teachers in Ohio. Between the two gentlemen exist over 50 years of dance and teaching between them. From the rear-facing suite, another set of teachers whose experience and knowledge were another 50 years in the making, who will be offering development for children in the fields of jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop, acrobatics, lyrical, modern, and contemporary as well as combo classes and junior development classes like "Mommy & Me".

Rhythm & Grace can boast of having highly experienced and professional staff, who in many cases, have successfully owned and operated dance studios for many years. Immediately, one can see they are a "drama-free" and caring school oriented to the best interests and success of their students and clients.

Ballroom dance lessons, as well as the gamut of salsa, latin and other forms of partnership dance can be scheduled by calling (216) 524 7829, or simply emailing. Registration has begun for the Fall/Winter/Spring sessions for children and can be scheduled as above.

See you on the dance floor, and remember:

Everyone needs a little "Rhythm & Grace".

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