A portrait I recently did of one of my students' favorite coaches, Kimberley Mitchell. This is one for several now hanging in her studio.

Digitally done on Corel Painter 2015, emulating oils.

(Cleveland, OH)

On the 19th of December, 2014, Rhythm & Grace Ballroom Dance Studio presented the Nathan Hale K-8th Grade School with the generosity of their students and friends in the form of gift bags filled with various necessities and wants for the holidays. In all, the studio was able to present approximately 50 students with their gifts.

The children were very appreciative in our view. In some of the letters that were shared with us from the organizer, Mrs. Heather Chambers, we were very surprised by the modest requests and beauty of innocent minds. Of the things requested: toothbrushes, deodorant, warm jackets and sweaters, school supplies, socks, gloves - and the list goes on and on. One particular student was very touching to us in that, being in a foster home, she basically asked for essential needs that wasn't able to get from home and we were happy to provide.

Rhythm & Grace would like to thank all their students, friends, families and supporters for helping them pull off this event. Regardless of the troubles we are facing as a city, we feel it is important to contribute to any pursuing of peace, goodwill and humanity, care, understanding and love for our brothers and sisters, and never has it been more important than it is today.

We are glad to be of service, and happy to be able to serve.

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