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Neuroscientists have discovered that between fitness training and dance, although both activities helped reduce the aging process in seniors, only dance was most effective in reversing the signs of aging in the brain!

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These are some of the tiniest dancers in our Rhythm & Grace dance family and therefore, they have different challenges than the older girls.

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As we remodel this summer, we wanted to take a minute to share some photos of what is going down! We are expanding the ballroom studio and redesigning the children's studios! Everything should be all done by August but have no fear, we are only remodeling one suite at a time so classes are continuing as normal!  Keep your eyes and ears open for when we post about a big party we will host when everything is all done! You haven't been to a dance party until you have been yo a Criado dance party!

     - Angel & Cree Criado


Websites are a constantly ongoing update/upgrade proposition. Ours is no different.

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     Northcoast Ballroom Classic has come and gone and we are so proud of how all of our students danced!

     From Thursday through Saturday night, Angel Criado and his girls graced the dance floor over 386 times! Yes, you read that correctly, 386 dances with most of those dances taking first place!

     While so many things happened, and we have so much to be proud of, here are some of the major points!  This was Dana Watts’s first competition and she took to the dance floor like a bird to the air as she floated across the dance floor placing first in all dances! Dana over came all her nerves and danced with all of the elegance and grace we knew she had making her family and Angel very proud.  Sharon Stahler competed in a new and higher level the before and did not disappoint! She held her own on the dance floor achieving 2nd place in almost all of her dances!  Debbie Olson danced in Night Club, Rhythm, Smooth, and Standard and danced the most entries at a single competition than she has ever done in the past! Among some amazing single dance placements, Debbie won the Open Bronze Night Club 3 Dance Challenge! Gail DeFrance danced in some of the biggest heats at the competition, many of which required call backs!  She danced outstandingly the entire competition making call backs, receiving some hard-earned placements, and winning all 3 of her Open Bronze Night Club 2 Dance Challenges.  Carmen Hansford took to the floor as graciously as ever winning the Silver International Ballroom Dance for the Cure Challenge as well as the Silver American Smooth Dance For the Cure Challenge.  Linda McLoughlin danced beautiful in her International Ballroom and Latin dances moving across the floor more than she ever has before! Linda was up against some tuff competition and still managed to take 4th place in her Senior Closed International Ballroom 3 Dance Challenge!  Cree took to the floor to haver some fun with Angel and danced in Nightclub, American Rhythm, and International Latin.  Among their 1st place dances, Cree won the Open Silver Club Dance Championship.  Last but not least, our tiniest dancer, Nilsa Criado, danced in her first ever ballroom competition with her daddy, Angel. Nilsa took first in all of her dances and made Angel and Cree very proud!  All of these amazing placements won by the students led Angel to be awarded Top Teacher of the competition out of 78 teachers! This is the 4th year in a row that Angel has earned the title of Top Teacher at Northcoast Dancesport Classic and he never ceases to amaze us with all the hard work he does for Rhythm & Grace!  Congratulations to all!

Check out these amazing ladies when they dance at Cleveland Dancesport Challenge in September right here in downtown Cleveland!

Our 2017 Halloween Party was a success!

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This year, my students and I hit the Cleveland Dancesport Challenge rather light, but that didn't matter. Here are two videos of the winners of their respective scholarship categories being interviewed after their wins.

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The 8th Annual Riverfront Dancesport Festival will again be held in Cincinnati, Ohio on Saturday, the 6th of January, 2018 - making this our 1st Dancesport event of the year!

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On December, 15th, 2017 - we will once again be honored by a full day of individual Master classes with the incomparable Ray Rivers!

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Join Rhythm & Grace on Sunday, December 3rd, 2017, to cheer on our younger dancers from 1-2pm, then stay and enjoy the activities and snacks provided by the city!

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 Here is a useful little checklist to use for preparation for a Dancesport event or Showcase.

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Plie: with turned out feet and heels firmly on the ground, the dancer bends at the knees, and then straightens them

Releve: dancer rises onto the tips of the toes

Arabesque: dancer stands on one leg, with the other leg extended horizontally backwards

Shuffle: A quick dragging or scraping movement of the feet in tap dancing

Brush: swinging of the foot (forward, backward or diagonally side) hitting only the ball tap in tap dancing