Partnership Dance & Wedding

Discover the many products and services offered by Rhythm & Grace for partnership dancing. Social, Wedding, Competitive, Swing, Salsa and much, much more!! We offer over 30 years experience teaching the world how to dance! Make sure you learn to dance with Rhythm & Grace!

Did you get invited to a wedding and realize you don’t know how to dance? Wish you could do something other than dinner and a movie with your date? Tired of sitting it out when you hear your favorite song come on?

Rhythm & Grace offers you the chance to do something about it!

Steppin’ Out Socially™” is a beginner's social dance program designed to help an individual or couple learn the basics of social partnership dancing to use at weddings, social functions, cruises, or simply going out for a night on the town. All students generally go through one of the courses below before advancing to our more advanced courses.

Our “Recreational Rhythm™” offerings are social dance programs designed continue a student's studies as a dancer beyond our beginner social dance offerings. More often than not, individuals and couples quickly discover worthwhile and valuable health benefits, positive self-development and an extremely enjoyable pastime while learning to dance. It is because of this, the industry of teaching partnership dance began and grew from the early 1900's and continues strongly to this day.

Competitive Ballroom Dance (Dancesport) has been around for decades. From the classic Championship Ballroom Dancing regularly broadcast on PBS, to Dancing with the Stars - the competitive aspect of ballroom dance has never been far away from our lives through our TV sets. There is a myriad of reasons why an individual would strive to pursue this great pastime - from accomplishment, to self-development, personal achievement, self-satisfaction, confidence, enjoyment, expression, etc. Regardless of the reason, a welcome personal transformation is the typical result when working with an honest, knowledgeable and reliable teacher.

Teachers & Staff of Dance

Cree Criado Owner, Teacher

Ms. Cheryl Teacher

Caleb Waybright, Teacher

Ms.Coral, Teacher

Teachers & Staff of Social & Partnership Dance

Angel Criado, Owner & Teacher

Cree Criado, Owner & Teacher

Caleb Waybright, Teacher

Avelino Davilla, Pura Salsa Teacher