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Do you want more than a simple "sway side to side" for your first wedding dance? Do you want a wedding dance that people will remember?

Regardless of it being your 1st dance as a married couple, the Father/Bride or Mother/Groom dance or even a dance by the entire wedding party, Rhythm & Grace has a program for you.

The Wedding Crash course (5 hours)

A very basic course offering simple to do (but pleasant to watch) dance steps set to the wedding song of your choice. Your instructor will develop your dance based on the room size and seating of your room and you will get an entrance and ending to your dance as well, in addition to some information to pass to the DJ and photographer/videographer to ensure they know what to look for when capturing your dance.

The "Romance & Dance" course (10 hours)

Our most popular course that, in addition to the above, allows for more personalized choreography and teaches the couple how to actually dance together (versus just remembering the steps to move together). This gives the couple more confidence and that security allows the couples individual personalities to show through - making for a much more fulfilling and enjoyable experience.

The comprehensive "By Your Side" course (20 hours)

A more comprehensive program that allows for more complex movement and choreography, and covers how to make the dance "feel" like dancing and moving as a team. The course develops more security and confidence dancing together and when complete, the couple will be very happy to stun friends and family with their new found skills.

We have over 30 years experience helping couples learn to dance for their wedding. We have taught people wedding dances that include show numbers from films like "Singing in the Rain" and "Dirty Dancing" to name a few, in addition to the more common simple dances that look nice and move well. All of them fondly remembered. Rhythm & Grace also has many decades of injury-free, successful experience teaching the world to dance at all levels. We stay up-to-date on all our teaching methods and our professional development trainers are among the best the world offers today.

*Don't hesitate to ask about tailor-made programs for dances for the wedding party, or Father/Bride or Mother/Groom dances as well!


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