Do you want a simple "bear-hug sway" or "bump-n-grind" for the first thing you do as a married couple? Of course not, but a lot of people settle for this.

It doesn't have to be this way! You can look and feel natural, relaxed and proud of your dance with Rhythm & Grace.

Over the years, we have developed successful methods to accommodate all budgets, schedules and wedding dance goals. Let one of our dance professionals help you define your goal and show you how fun, easy and stress-free achieving it can be. (Couples regularly tell us not only was preparing for their wedding dance their favorite part of getting their wedding together, but their lessons turned into a needed escape from the anxiety and stress from putting a wedding together.)

It really is as simple as picking up the phone, or sending us an email, so we can assist you getting started. Regardless of it being your 1st dance as a married couple, the Father/Bride or Mother/Groom dance or even a dance by the entire wedding party, Rhythm & Grace has the program for you.

The Wedding "Crash" course (5 hours)

You'll feel you'll know what to do and your guests will love it with this basic offering. This gives simple to do (but pleasant and advanced looking) dance steps set to the wedding song of your choice. Your instructor will develop your dance based on the room size and seating arrangement of your room and you will get an entrance and ending to your dance as well, in addition to some information to pass to the DJ and photographer/videographer to ensure they know what to look for when capturing your dance.

The "Romance & Dance" course (10 hours)

If you have a bit more time available, we suggest feeling more confident and natural with our most popular course. This course offers, in addition to the above,  more personalized choreography and teaches the couple the fundamentals of how to actually move and dance together (versus just remembering the steps to move together). This gives the couple more confidence to relax and enjoy the dance with and that security allows the couples individual personalities to show through - making for a much more fulfilling experience.

The tailored "By Your Side" course (estimated 20 hours+ based on goals)

If you want to "own" the floor, and can commit the necessary time, we suggest a more comprehensive program that allows for more complex movement and choreography, and covers how to make the dance "feel" like dancing and moving like you've been dancing a lot longer than these few lessons. The course develops more security and confidence dancing together and when complete, the couple will be very happy to stun friends and family with their new found skills. The time can also be allocated to learning the basics of the more popular social dances in addition to learning your primary wedding dance, if you chose.

Please allow us to put any stress, anxiety, fears or concerns to rest concerning your presentation and dancing. We have over 30 years experience helping couples learn to dance for their wedding. We have taught people wedding dances that range from easy and pleasant to show numbers from films like "Singing in the Rain" and "Dirty Dancing", to fusion dance numbers that involve the whole wedding party. We will help make the best of your time and investment. We can help with any concerns about proper attire for your goal and what to watch out for and expect when performing. Use Rhythm & Grace's decades of successful experience teaching the world to dance at all levels. We always stay up-to-date on all our teaching methods and our professional development trainers are among the best the world offers today.

*Don't hesitate to ask about tailor-made programs for dances for the wedding party, or Father/Bride or Mother/Groom dances as well!


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By appointment only. Call (216) 524 7829 or use the contact form in the teacher link or below.

Commemorate your "once in a lifetime" event by making your wedding dance something you will want to see again with each anniversary, year after year after year!

Rhythm & Grace has extensive (really extensive) experience preparing the groom and bride-to-be (and wedding party, if you so choose) make the dance one to remember and several affordable wedding packages that will suit anyone's needs!

We have taught literally hundreds of couples stunning wedding dances that the feedback has been tremendous for. Don't trust your special day with a newer or inexperienced teacher and utilize our 30+ years of experience to make this worth your investments in time and money. You can come to us with your special song (or we can help you choose one best for you), what you hope to see (and we literally mean what you want to see on video years later - that's how important your event will be treated by us), maybe some idea of what you'd like the dance to look like, etc. Don't have a clue? Not a problem! We can start from below scratch and still exceed your expectations!

Your first lesson will begin with a brief interview where we establish the song, the dance that works best for that song, what your floor will look like, where the guests will be seated, what will you be wearing, and go from there. Generally (and most effective) we will choreograph your dance on the spot and get you doing it immediately.

There are some common misconceptions we have encountered over the years that are quite easily resolved,

I don't know how to dance.

Practically all couples who come to our studio have little to no dance experience. No matter, if you can walk, we can get you doing a dance that you will be happy and proud to perform. 

We only want a few steps to get through the dance.

This is actually the hardest thing to do, it is much easier to learn pre-established choreography - this way one doesn't have to think on the floor and learn to lead and follow, interpret music and still try to perform (or even smile).

Ideally, the most natural look is simply learning how to dance well (see our "By Your Side" program here:Wonderful Wedding). Often times, there is simply not enough time to accomplish that. The solution is to have a routine that is easily executed and memorized and repeat it a few times (the guests will never know). If we also make sure there are some nice picture moments for the photographer, you will find you end up with a dance that you'll enjoy on video and picture for years to come. It is this sort of strategy and years of teaching that make our students so satisfied with their final performance.

The moral of this story, don't sell yourself short. Let us help you get on and off the floor on your special day with Rhythm & Grace!

This is easily one of our many favorites. The Spencers wanted to dance the Gene Kelly & Debbie Reynolds number, "You Were Meant for Me" from "Singing in the Rain". Marie has a ballet background, however Larry started from scratch. The result...

Angel...I don't know how to thank for all of hours, hard work and patience with us in preparing Marie and I for our first dance at our wedding. Getting it right was extremely important to me and you kept pushing us and honing what was one of the more difficult things that I have ever done (never having properly DANCED before). We are getting SO many comments and we could have never accomplished this very important moment without you. Thank you again, a million times, for your expertise and guidance.

Just to add to this story, Larry is a wedding photographer extraordinaire, and his work is quite beautiful. You can see his own work here at (They actually played the clip from the movie and danced with Gene and Debbie in the background as they did the dance.)

In all, they were a very happy couple with their number, and actually hired me to also teach a 30 minute group class to their guests as part of their reception, to get people up and dancing and to contribute to the period theme they were going for at their wedding.

It was an absolute honor to be part of this momentous occasion.

Thanks again, Larry and Marie!! Looking forward to keeping the love of dance alive in your hearts!