This is easily one of my favorites. The Spencers wanted to dance the Gene Kelly & Debbie Reynolds number, "You Were Meant for Me" from "Singing in the Rain". Marie has a ballet background, however Larry started from scratch. The result...

Larry & Marie's First Dance - "Singing in the Rain" from Artistic Video Creations on Vimeo.

Angel...I don't know how to thank for all of hours, hard work and patience with us in preparing Marie and I for our first dance at our wedding. Getting it right was extremely important to me and you kept pushing us and honing what was one of the more difficult things that I have ever done (never having properly DANCED before). We are getting SO many comments and we could have never accomplished this very important moment without you. Thank you again, a million times, for your expertise and guidance.

Just to add to this story, Larry is a wedding photographer extraordinaire, and his work is quite beautiful. You can see his own work here at and I hope to have a wonderful working relationship with him in the future. (They actually played the clip from the movie and danced with Gene and Debbie in the background as they did the dance.)

In all, they were a very happy couple with their number, and actually hired me to also teach a 30 minute group class to their guests as part of their reception, to get people up and dancing and to contribute to the period theme they were going for at their wedding.

It was an absolute honor to be part of this momentous occasion.

Thanks again, Larry and Marie!! Looking forward to keeping the love of dance alive in your hearts!


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