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Since its founding in 2014, Rhythm & Grace has been dedicated to keeping our clients' desires central to what we do. It was originally established for the Founders to offer high quality dance instruction affordably with honesty and integrity and an effort to get away from dishonest practices, questionable teaching, emotional manipulation and sales-pressure tactics from persons we have, unfortunately, often seen in our industry. It has since become a culture of support and loyalty with long-term relationships that we have found truly rewarding, enjoyable and fulfilling.

Our studio offers training in a vast number of dance styles and skills, and recently - professional development, by teachers who are professionally certified and have made dance their career.

Leadership & Organization

Founder, Angel Criado, has been a dance professional since 1987, professionally certified through 4 dance organizations and is an awarded Top Teacher in the state with many awarded Top Students to his credit. Co-Founder, Cree Criado, has been teaching and worked in all aspects of dance school administration since 2009. (Although once carrying professional credentials, she has let them go to become an amateur dancer for enjoyment and focuses on administrative support.) Both Cree and Angel carry years of noteworthy professional and amateur accolades and achievements and the studio, Founders and staff are well-regarded in our industry.


7647 Broadview Rd., Ste 3, Seven Hills, OH 44131

Located in the rear of building one. (Between Swenson's and Meijers.) Hours are Tue-Fri 12p to 9p, Sat by appt. and Sun-Mon closed.

all walks of life

We have students as young as 8 to 90 years young.

Dancers are made with Rhythm & Grace!


Honesty - Loyalty - Integrity


Dance Vision & NDCA

Rhythm & Grace's staff are professionally certified to teach the Dance Vision curriculum. They are also members of the Dance Vision teachers' organization and registered certified dance teachers with the National Dance Council of America.
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#1 Top Studio
Cleveland Dancesport Challenge 2022

Rhythm & Grace staff and students share a passion for finding personal growth and meaning through dance, and Rhythm & Grace provides many opportunities for them to further their passion and knowledge in ways that enrich their lives; physically, mentally and spiritually.

The following is a short compilation of what our students consider most valuable from our services.

Discovery and Growth

Our students indicate that one of the things they most value was the new or renewed body awareness that they'd never paid much attention to before. The discovery of what their bodies and minds could do and seeing their growth was deeply rewarding.

Managing Stress

Our students placed a high value on dance being an excellent way to relieve stress. When dancing, particularly when 1st learning, students must focus attention on what is happening in the moment. They come out of their heads and into the present experience, resulting in a more inner peace.

Challenge and Competence

With a good teacher, a student builds competence in every lesson. Every time a more difficult figure or technique is introduced, the student has an opportunity to rise to the challenge.

A more active life-style

Dance is movement. The physical well-being attained by the enjoyment of dance as a physical hobby is extremely valuable to our staff and students. They cannot imagine going back to a less active life-style.

Rhythm & Grace is committed to teaching dance in the most easy, practical and effective way, in the most supportive environment possible and with absolutely no drama. People will experience the benefits and value of dancing simply by doing it under an encouraging and knowledgeable eye and become better. There is no magic to it (although you might feel otherwise).

The culture of the studio must support that, otherwise the students won't last long in that environment. This is one of the many reasons why our teachers are professionally accredited. There are no formal requirements in the United States for a dance instructor to be licensed or certified. If they are, it means that professional took it upon themselves to go through the arduous process of being examined on their materials and skills and ensured they understood their subjects at a high level of competence. They have an inherent respect for their industry and high personal standards to provide their students the best services they can. The net result of this excellence is a supportive and nurturing school culture with a phenomenal student body.

The National Dance Council of America

The staff of Rhythm & Grace are registered certified dance teachers with the National Dance Council of America (NDCA) through Dance Vision.

The NDCA is the official governing body for dancing in the United States. Its purpose is to provide, on a nationwide basis, a united inter-associated agency to represent the interests of those in the dance profession and other dance related entities and organizations and to act as the agency for cooperation with similar councils in other countries. To also conduct a continuing campaign for the establishment and the maintenance of high standards in dance education, and to acquaint the public with the nature and benefits of these standards and to recognize the status of qualified dance teachers affiliated to member organizations of this Council.

Dance Vision

Rhythm and Grace staff are members of, and professionally certified through Dance Vision. Dance Vision is the world leader in ballroom dance education and is a member organization of the NDCA. Dance Vision offers dance materials and syllabi through their online platform. Through Dance Vision examiners, Associate, Masters and Grand Master degrees in all styles of ballroom and social dance are offered. An instructor chooses to become certified to become a better teacher, a better dancer and achieve objective standards of professional excellence. 



Rhythm & Grace in Seven Hills

Rhythm & Grace is proud to be a part of the Seven Hills business community.

R&G was established in Lakewood, OH in 2013, but in a few short years it grew to the point of needing more accessible parking, a larger space and more accessibility to the greater Cleveland surrounding area.

The studio was relocated in 2017 to double the square footage, all the above needs checked off, and incredible natural lighting making the space feel welcoming and warm. It's a wonderful place to learn in.

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Meet Rhythm & Grace

Dance Teacher Training

A Career in Dance?
Rhythm & Grace will soon be expanding our services for professional development in our industry, to become a resource for professionals and studio owners, as well as those looking to make teaching dance a career. Keep an eye out on this space.
Rhythm & Grace will soon be expanding our services for professional development in our industry, to become a resource for professionals and studio owners, as well as those looking to make teaching dance a career. Keep an eye out on this space.