Cleveland DanceSport Challenge 2022 was filled with so many amazing moments, but here are some highlights!

We will start with our outstanding juniors!!

  • *Maria competed pro / am for the first time ever and placed first in every single dance in Latin and won her Juniors Latin Newcomer 3 Dance!
  • *John danced with instructor Coral in his first ever competition and smashed his Youth Newcomer Smooth and Rhythm 3 Dance Challenges taking first in both!
  • *Nilsa danced with her daddy in Latin and took on night club dances for the first time, taking home first in all dances and winning her Pre Teen Bronze Latin 3 Dance Challenge!
  • *Amara and John danced as a Youth Amateur couple and won not only their Youth Am Bronze Smooth 3 Dance Challenge but also their Youth Am Bronze Rhythm 3 Dance Challenge!
  • *Harley and Nilsa danced in both Latin and Standard as an Amateur Preteen couple and earned first place in all single dances!
  • *Harley and Amara also danced as an amateur Junior couple in Latin and Standard and earned first places in all dances!!

We think the future of ballroom looks bright!

Now, onto our pro / am ladies!

  • *Dorinna danced amazingly as she took to the floor at her first ever competition!! She waltzed her way through American Smooth taking first place in the Newcomer Smooth 3 Dance Challenge!!
  • *Dana took to the floor winning her Ladies C-2 Pre Bronze single dances and placing 4th on a tough floor of ladies in her Ladies C-2 Bronze Rhythm 3 -Dance! We are so glad you’re back!
  • *Sharon danced her way through all 5 styles and among all her wins was the Bronze Senior Ballroom Scholarship!
  • *Laura sambaed her way through International Latin and took the silver in the Ladies A Bronze Latin Scholarship!
  • *Nicole danced Latin for the first time and also took the floor during Standard and earned herself a new title : Pro/Am Closed Silver INTERNATIONAL 6 DANCE CHAMPION!
  • *Madeline danced in both American Rhythm and Smooth winning great marks and dancing her way to TOP BRONZE FEMALE STUDENT of the entire competition!!
  • *Cree took first in all single dances leading her to win the Ladies A Silver Rhythm Scholarship!

As if that wasn’t success enough, Angel walked away with TOP TEACHER and all of this outstanding dancing from our students made Rhythm & Grace the TOP IN-STATE STUDIO!! We are so proud!!