Ray Rivers was in the studio March 29th and 30th. As always, he imparted his wisdom from decades of dance teaching.

Just after publishing his new book, "Everything is Simple, Nothing is Easy" - Ray arrived at the studio spending 2 days working with our competitive dancers.

The takeaway from this visit was notably the stress he placed on the fundamentals of the use of posture, feet and legs and the dance frame connection a couple must have to dance well together and be successful. He provided insight and context behind the concepts he covered in his book, with lots of practical personal anecdotes. As usual, our students and professionals are daily working his teachings into practice and excited to hit the dance floor for the next competition.

Ray Rivers has a distinguished dance career spanning over 70 years as an amateur and professional, teacher, adjudicator and promoter of ballroom dance. Recently he was invited to judge at one of the highest level Dancesport competitions in the world in Britain, and is highly sought after for his ability to bring people from scratch to a world class championship-level.

As evidenced in his new book, his philosophy for learning and being excellent at dance is applicable to any level and extremely practical.