To dance is the most natural human activity known to us, bringing with it many advantages...

  • it can be a wonderful, gentle but thorough way to exercise your body,
  • develop coordination of mind and muscle,
  • encourage good poise regardless of your age,
  • tone up your body,
  • teach the social graces,
  • is one of the few hobbies that couples or friends can do together,
  • a great social asset,
  • promotes confidence and self-assurance,
  • is probably the cheapest and most rewarding way to spend your leisure time and,
  • can be started and can still be enjoyed when you are 95!

A brief history

America was the base from which these styles originated during the very early years of the 20th century where the Afro-American sound of "Ragtime" became popularized. The American dancing public reacted immediately to this new sound by producing a variety of wild, strange dances with such names as the GRIZZLY BEAR, TURKEY TROT, BUNNY HUG, SHIMMY, BLACK BOTTOM and CHARLESTON. As more sophisticated music styles followed, caused a redevelopment of the fundamental structure of social dance around the world - with Ragtime heralding the start of "together" dancing based on natural walking.

Dancing today

As we know it today, ballroom dancing is made up of, essentially, two distinct types of dances but known by several names. On the one side are dances such as the waltzes, foxtrots, and tango; and on the other side a vast group of dances that can be colloquially called the "latin" or "rhythm" dances (generally based from Latin America and the Caribbean). Studios codified the majority of these dances into various syllabi to easily teach anyone to dance and partake of this great past-time. Often times, the focus is mainly on step patterns, however, not so much the "feeling" or character of the dance. So, it is wise to study with schools that care to develop actually quality of movement over just patterns so that you can dance with anyone (not just people who know the same steps you do).

Competitive Dance

The good couples always grab the attention of the crowd. Of the millions of people in the world that dance, there are a number attracted to taking part in organized dance competitions. Competition dancing is a form that evolved from social dancing. It attracts people who love to dance and who have the urge to show their skill and talent in direct competition with other couples on the dance floor. 

Regardless of your goals or aspirations, dancing for any reason is worth the effort and time to learn. It will be a set of skills that will remaining with you for a lifetime.