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Take your passion to a whole other level

Competitive ballroom dance (Dancesport) has been around for decades. From the classic Championship Ballroom Dancing regularly broadcast on PBS, to Dancing with the Stars - the competitive aspect of ballroom dance has never been far away from our lives through our TV sets. There is a myriad of reasons why an individual would strive to pursue this great pastime - from accomplishment, to self-development, personal achievement, self-satisfaction, confidence, enjoyment, expression, etc. Regardless of the reason, a welcome personal transformation is the typical result when working with an honest, knowledgeable and reliable teacher.

Rhythm & Grace has developed an approach to Dancesport with the help of world-class judges and competitors over many years, which we have found to be successful and exceptionally rewarding to our students. We call it Dynamic Dancesport™.

Dance at your age and level

Competitors dance in their own respective age groups, and time in dancing. This can range from beginner's Newcomer, Intermediate and the full level they are studying and more. It's not about WHAT you do, it's HOW you do it!

Competitions are games

Our philosophy is to treat competitions as games, and enjoy the art dancing to the highest level you can at your best - not with any focus to be better than someone else. Strive for your own excellence!

Put your learning into overdrive

Our students routinely compare the experience of competing to the equivalent of many lessons worth of learning. Lots comes together in a short time when you aspire to be the best you can.
Dynamic Dancesport™

Rhythm & Grace works to offer one of the most rewarding and drama-free competitive dance programs possible - challenge and competence as the focus.

To begin, our students are developed by professionals with decades of competitive experience developing students from literally, off-the-street scratch (e.g. absolutely no dance experience) and producing champions.

Our students regularly have opportunities to work with some of the highest level dance masters the world offers today (our studio mentors and their accolades are noted below). Combine that with ongoing development by their instructor, they are generally quite successful in their results.

We work to promote a culture where our team takes care to watch out for one another, helps each other where and when needed, and offers support when we get together at these events.

Our Dancesport students are always complimented by organizers and coaches alike for their enthusiasm, sincerity, graciousness and all around pleasantness. Our team is routinely invited to various competitions across the United States by organizers because of their vivaciousness, positivity and obvious love for dance. They feel our team "brings up the level".

As the old dance maxim goes, “students are the reflections of their teachers” and with our team, we are truly blessed.

One becomes a member of this team by invitation. Membership requires a commitment of at least 2 Dancesport events in a year. If interested, talk to us to see the possibilities.

Please continue reading below for more information about our mentors and coaches, upcoming events and a review of our competitive accomplishments.

Guiding Wisdom

Mentors with Rhythm & Grace
Ray Rivers

Rhythm & Grace is honored and proud to consider Mr. Ray Rivers a recurring coach and mentor to the students and professionals of our studio, but he is also a dear friend for over 22 years.

  • World Latin Finalist
  • World Ballroom Semi-Finalist
  • Australian Professional Champion
  • South Pacific Professional Champion
  • 3 times Professional Champion of Champions in Latin, Ballroom, Exhibition (Theater Arts) and Australian New Vogue
  • Australian Amateur National Champion
  • Fellow, A.N.D.A.; Member, A.D.S., F.A.T.D. Australia and Member, Terpsichore U.S., Ballroom and Latin

    Rosendo Fumero

    Rhythm & Grace is also blessed to have the ongoing close friendship, mentorship and coaching of Mr. Rosendo Fumero.

    Rosendo Fumero is a former undefeated 3-time United States American Smooth Champion, a United States 9-Dance American Style Champion, as well as an undefeated Ohio Star Ball Champion. He is a world class adjudicator, instructor and organizer of the Virginia State DanceSport Championships.

    Mr. Fumero is a Dance Vision examiner and assists our studio in preparation for our staff's ongoing professional degrees. He also coaches and develops our student body to the high standards of competitive dance our studio has become known for. Mr. Fumero is also an excellent choreographer and responsible for many of the show routines and competitive open programs our students compete with.

    Upcoming Events


    Keep up with our upcoming events, competitions and showcase events

    We will keep this updated often with event information, coach schedules and the like, so check back regularly!!

    Jan. 13, 2023

    Riverfront Dancesport Festival

    The Renaissance Columbus Downtown Hotel

    Mar 2024

    Coaching classes with Ray Rivers

    Author of the book, "Everything is Simple, Nothing is Easy" and studio mentor, available for coaching. See your teacher.

    May 9-11, 2024

    Independence, OH

    34th Annual Northcoast Dancesport Classic

    Holiday Inn-Independence
    Northcoast Dancesport Classic


    New Event
    Cleveland, OH

    "Designed with Rhythm" Showcase

    A joint event with a very special crew of people, the Designed to Dance studio! We're still in the very early stages, but will let you know as soon as we've got things finalized! We're very exicited.

    Jul 18-21, 2024

    Reston, VA

    Virginia Dancesport Championships

    Hyatt Regency Reston
    Virginia Dancesport Championships

    Sep 19-21, 2024

    Cleveland, OH

    24th Annual Cleveland Dancesport Challenge

    Renaissance Cleveland Hotel
    Cleveland Dancesport Challenge

    Nov 19-24, 2024

    Columbus, OH

    The Ohio Star Ball

    Columbus Convention Center
    Ohio Star Ball

    Award winning team

    Accomplishment with Rhythm & Grace

    Dance Teacher Training

    A Career in Dance?
    Rhythm & Grace will soon be expanding our services for professional development in our industry, to become a resource for professionals and studio owners, as well as those looking to make teaching dance a career. Keep an eye out on this space.
    Rhythm & Grace will soon be expanding our services for professional development in our industry, to become a resource for professionals and studio owners, as well as those looking to make teaching dance a career. Keep an eye out on this space.